Friday, February 13, 2009

hummus hummus hummus hummus hummus

Last weekend I went to a really great restaurant in Greenwich Village (71 7th Ave S.), The Hummus Place. It was yet another Mediterranean place with some of my favorite flavors and dishes on the menu. I ordered their 3 appetizer meal, which was about $9. I resisted the falafel appetizer. That was a pretty big step for me, since falafel is just SO good. I had the "health salad"- chopped tomato, cucumber, parsley, and onion. This dish was really nice. Everything was diced very small, which allowed all the juices and flavors to marinate and blend very well. I had their hummus, which was a traditional, creamy, tahini-laden bean spread. It was fantastic. It was pungent and smooth. My third appetizer was Lebane, which I'd never seen before. I enjoyed this one quite a bit. It's strained yogurt cheese, like a really thick Greek yogurt, topped with Za' atar and olive oil. The Za' atar is what I assume is a blend of spices. I ordered a fluffy whole wheat pita on the side for .75 cents. The fact that it didn't come with the appetizer special was a little disappointing, until I got over it. The pita was a fresh, airy, and nutty little pillow. My favorite way to eat this meal was to use a little piece of pita, spread with hummus, lebane, and a spoonful of my health salad to create one perfect bite. It all went great together. I could also just eat the lebane with a spoon. It was tangy and rich. 
Overall, this was a great Mediterranean feast, with reasonably sized portions and a good price tag. The service was excellent too- very friendly people.
My next restaurant to conquer is 'snice, a vegetarian sandwich, salad, bakery, cafe type place. They're at 8th Ave and W 4th Street. Everything here looks delicious. 

Enjoy your breakfast, folks. 

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