Thursday, June 25, 2009


Good Afternoon!
Since it is summer and the produce is plentiful and ripe, I decided to make a pie to celebrate the season. Surprisingly, I had never actually made a pie before. I decided to do it all from scratch; no food processor, no pre-made crust. I'd been dreaming about the combination of blueberries and peaches, so I started searching for recipes. I looked up my desired combo on the food network website and chose Tyler Florence's recipe. It was relatively basic and simple and didn't take long at all. The filling had plenty of the fruit, lemon juice, sugar, and corn starch. The crust was made of butter, a little sugar, flour, a few table spoons of ice water, and lemon zest. The lemony flavor throughout the pie really added a nice extra touch. I prefer blueberries in this pie to raw ones on their own. I've posted the link, and I definitely recommend trying this combo of fruit out. It's a winner. 

Go make some pie, people!

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